Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bikepacking the Flint Hills

Flint Hills by Bicycle By Bill Poindexter

 The Flint Hills have a a quiet beauty that allows you to catch your breath, to gather your thoughts, to feel the calmness of, the oneness with Nature.
-William Least Heat-Moon
I just returned from five day Bikepacking expedition in the Flint Hills, you might ask what is Bikepacking? Just think Backpacking-now add a bicycle!
My friend Randy Rasa and I met in Spring Hill and headed west. As you can see by the map, we primarily traveled off the beaten paths rolling over rough gravel roads or rails trail like the Flint Hills Nature Trail.
We travel “self contained” meaning we carry all our gear-tent, sleeping bag, tool kit, food and water, stopping in towns along our route for resupply and then heading back out on the roads. This style of travel is very similar to traveling by horseback, a slower pace, allowing one to absorb all the beauty of nature and the environment.
The first two days I had food supplied by Aixios-sandwich’s, energy bars, and some amazing pate’ all high in energy for our 300+ mile trip.
I trust Chef Emmanuel Langlade in making me healthy nutritious food, and as always, was amazed by the deliciousness he created!
Cold Croque Monsieur- cheese, butter, dried meat, or pate’ perfect for a picnic. Hearty with a sensuous mouth teasing explosion of taste, making me wonder as I ate on the side of the road...was I in Kansas or in the south of France!
Being self sufficient, and after I ate the sandwich’s, in the evening of the 2nd day, as we camped by a lake, all that was left was pate’ I had to be creative and add my own creative spirit and forage for green’s and clover flowers to supplement my nutrition with a little flour tortillas-and a dash of hot sauce makes it sublime.
Do not worry, my stash of Aixios Energy Bars was intact, I enjoyed sharing one with Randy who took one bite, smiled and said, “Those are REALLY good!” I felt bad as I wouldn’t share any more:)
Photo by Randy Rasa
We rode for five days on the backroads of the Flint Hills, traveling through history as we meandered on and next to Sante Fe Trail, Oregon Trail and California Trail, on long abandon railroad track, identifying plants, birds and animals along the Route and meeting a wide variety of kind people who restore our faith in the beauty of humanity.Thanks to The Aixios family for your support of our Bikepacking Expeditions, and “Oui!” There are more to come so stay tune!

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