Wednesday, November 13, 2019

School update

Hi all, forgive my absence over the last 6 months! Trying to start a school is not easy when you are doing it alone, and hopefully, that will change.

Teaching, as most of you know, is a passion of mine. But have not had alot of time lately.

Over the last six months I have been working on some writing projects, teaching yoga, teaching adults career transition, coaching/ advising some fellow adventurers, traveling, researching, training for expeditions and ultra endurance bikepacking racing, and trying to keep a balanced life while playing with my cat, Coyote.

Currently I am working on developing some relationships for training sites for the school, more news later on this development.

I will most likely change the name of the school to something with "Outdoor Leadership" in the title, but still have not come up with a good name, here are a few examples:

Outdoor Leadership School of KC
Whole Earth Outdoor Leadership School
The Outdoor Leaders School
Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Education School (or Academy)

Classes taught so far:

Yin Yoga Outdoor classes
Bikepacking 101 and 102
Overnight bikepacking trips-S24O's

More future classes:

Outdoor Leadership
Outdoor living-campcraft
no-trace camping principles
outdoor cooking
risk management
gear selection
wilderness medicine
wilderness ethics

and more...

I would love input, donations (time, money, teaching, land, professional services, and practical advice).

I will be scheduling some classes and bikepacking overnights soon.

If you want to be involved please reach out and lets go for a ride or walk, and have a cup of coffee or tea.

A few of the classes, talks and trips...

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