Tuesday, April 6, 2021

2021 updates!

 Hello everyone! And thanks for stopping by the Bikepacking School. The school is ever evolving teaching people to travel by bicycle. Whether you  are your touring by bike bicycle, bikepacking, commuting by bike, you are  at the right place. 

I’ve been traveling my bicycle for the last 20 years and throughout most of my life. I’ve logged over 80,000 miles on my bicycle bike touring bikepacking and commuting by bike. It is my preferred mode of transportation besides walking.

I love teaching bikepacking it is a huge passion mine.

Last year I wrote  the book  

Bikepacking School which you can find on Amazon, sales have gone through the roof- but it is a very rough simple guide that gives you all the information that I wanted when I first wanted to learn about bikepacking and

traveling by bicycle. Again it’s very very simple and kind of eclectic book you’re going to put in your back pocket or maybe your panniers  or your bike bags while you’re on the road and you want to read it over and over again because it has lots of cool little stories some poetry, some journal entries and then some basic how to information links on where you can get the information you need to be a successful traveler on your bike.

There are more books coming and I’ve been telling lots of stories. If you would like me to come speak about my travels or teach bikepacking class, please let me know!

Connect with us with me on my Facebook page. You can also call or text at 913-220-1213. And you can even email me at bill@poindexterrecruiting.com.

Link to 101 talks

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Bikepacking School a new book you should get!

Hi, just published this Guide for you all! Let me know what you think!

From Book 1: From the preface: I brought all this information together, in a very simple way, so you, the person who wants to travel by bike, can! So go for a long or short ride and experience the Earth and its inhabitants. In 2000, I was a very different person, I was very focused on material possessions, money, work, and although I was passionate about the Earth and nature I had let my false need for respect from others to creep its way into my life; I gained weight and became dangerously unhealthy. I came across an Adventure Cyclists Magazine in a bookstore, which made me pine for travel and to be healthy. I admired people I saw walking and bicycling for transportation. I started to walk and bicycle for transportation, eventually becoming completely car-free. I downsized my lifestyle. I lost over 240 pounds over a period of 12 years, and eventually started to travel by bike. Now I teach how to travel by bike. I write these words to inspire, and I share the other peoples –words, art, links, and info so you can responsibly learn the basics of bike travel. Let me know how you like this book and send me your thoughts. Bill Poindexter, May 3rd, 2020. Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 

Bill Poindexter lives in Kanas City, Missouri. Bill has a very evolved lifestyle and lives car-free. His last three expeditions took him down the the length of Baja, Mexico, Through the wilds of Montana, British Columbia, and Alberta, and most recently traveled from New Mexico north to Banff, Alberta, Canada on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, a 3000+ mile route which parallels 
the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide in North America on primarily gravel roads. Bill is a freelance journalist, businessman, yoga instructor, coach, videographer, outdoor educator, environmentalist, master story teller, naturalist, and lives simply. You can connect with Bill Poindexter on FaceBook and see where he is currently traveling or follow his new blog at wholeearthguide.blogspot.com. 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Go ride!

Bikepacking is a great way to see the world! Go out on the roads in and outside of KC and explore! You will stay healthy mentally and physically, help the environment and see your community!

Go get lost, head in a general direction, hit back roads and meander your way to a patch of ground for lunch, or camping spot, or just keep going!

If you would like to learn more about bikepacking/ bike touring please let me know as I have traveled on the East and west coasts, up and down the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff to New Mexico, and down the length of Baja Mexico.

If you would like to take a class on Bikepacking
Contact me!

$50 for a 3-4 hour class on Bikepacking!

Open to individuals or small group.


Bill (913) 220 1213

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Bicycle Delivery Services

Hi Everyone!

We have had some requests from the Elderly for help getting groceries. So Aimee Hughes and I have created a grass-roots bike delivery service. We are going to keep it very simple and make it a service
to community as part of the The Bikepacking School.

What is the Bikepacking School?
The Bikepacking School is a multifaceted outdoor leadership and wilderness education school offering programs in: Bikepacking (Traveling by Bicycle), outdoor living skills, navigation, wilderness medicine, no trace ethics, bicycle maintenance, and disaster relief/ response including delivery services in times of pandemic.

Here are the basics:

Healthy Bike Delivery- good for you, environment and community:

Groceries, dry goods, restaurant/ bakery delivery.

Just email or text what you need and we will get details from you. We will go to store, masked and gloved, buy the items needed, and deliver them to your home. 

You can pay us by cash, check, or Venmo, and there will be a charge for services rendered. This is a donation based service: 20% of total bill ($20 minimum delivery fee), but if times are tough, we would be happy to do this service for the community for free. Remember we are doing this by bicycle.

We can delivery a wide variety of goods and large amounts with the use of trailers.

Who is this service for ?
Elderly, immune compromised, families, anyone not wanting to have to go into stores and risk being exposed to the virus.

Questions? Just reach out, please!

Wish list: Needed - Bike trailers and a small hard tail mountain bike or 52cm touring bike. 

Who we are?

Bill Poindexter is a local entrepreneur, he owns and manages Poindexter Recruiting, Yin Yoga KC, The Bikepacking School, and is a professional writer, master storyteller (verbally and visually) and adventure traveler teaching Outdoor Leadership Skills. Bill has lived car-free for over 10 years-walking and bicycling for travel and transportation and enjoys teaching others to do the same. Bill is also a Brand Ambassador of the Adventure Cycling Association. Bill has traveled extensively in the US, Canada, and Mexico. He has ridden his bike, self contained from LA, to MX and the length of Baja, as well as riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from New Mexico, North, to Banff, Alberta, Canada. Bike also has extensive experience Backpacking and Mountaineering in CA, and CO. Bill has First Aid and CPR training as well as being a CNA.

Bill & Aimee

Aimee Christine Hughes, N.D. has a passion for travel and life-long learning, holds a B.A. in French language and literature and has studied yoga and naturopathic medicine extensively. She has also studied french in Paris, flamenco dance in Seville and Italian in a tiny village outside of Rome. She has worked as a maid in the South of France, a bookseller in Hawaii and an actress in New Orleans. She's also published a vegan cookbook, and hundreds of articles for various magazines and websites. These days, she’s practicing yoga, working as freelance yoga and wellness writer, taking care of homes and pets in Kansas City's Brookside neighborhood, and living a car-free lifestyle, as a way of deeply respecting the health of the planet, as well as her own values and well-being. Aimee's here to inspire healthy, authentic living. 

Interested in supporting our cause and the Bikepacking School?

Donate/ pay via

Venmo using Bill's phone # (913)220-1213

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Self Rescue and Bike Travel 101 Month of April

Self Rescue and Bike Travel 101
Online classes and private outside classes!

Have you ever wanted to travel by bicycle, but were unsure; what bike to take, the gear that you need, where to go and how to navigate, maybe what food to eat- store or foraging, how to purify water out of a stream, where and how to camp out, and then what if you were caught in a natural disaster or a pandemic and you needed to leave your home and find safe place to go, and what if you were injured and have to perform self rescue so you recognize the need for risk management.

Hi, my name is Bill Poindexter. I am a Bikepacker.

Whats a Bikepacker? Well think a Backpacker, but on a bicycle. I have both the experience of backpacking and bikepacking.

I have spent weeks backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains mountaineering, and the deserts of California traveling with only a map and compass, sleeping on the ground with only a tarp for shelter carrying all my food and gear on my back.

Since 2009 I have shifted to travel primarily by bicycle, living CarFree in a major city, I have learned everything there is to know about commuting on a bicycle traveling 4000-6000 miles a year commuting and traveling through all types of weather, landscapes, road conditions, through rush hour traffic in Mexico to the Grizzly Basin in Montana.

 I have traveled all over Missouri and Kansas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Baja Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and even up in to British Columbia and Alberta Canada. And I did it solo and with companions. I did it with multiple injuries and limited resources. I did it with no insurances.

Self Rescue and Bikepacking 101 is a general overview how to travel, anywhere by bicycle. I will simply tell you relevant stories of my expeditions whilst showing you the gear I use and the bike I ride. I will do more detailed classes in future as well as offering my services as a guide if you are wanting to go on overnight or longer expeditions.

Some of topic covered:

Bike selection
Gear selection
Water purification
No trace camping principles
Camp site selection and wilderness ethics
Risk management and self rescue techniques
First aid
and more...

Your instructor, Bill Poindexter

These topics will be covered as relevant to my personal experience. Resources will be handed out
to help guide you. As a Brand Ambassador to the Adventure Cycling Association and will be handing out Adventure Cyclist magazines, calendars, free six month memberships, and other swag while supplies last.

You will not only learn the basics of Bikepacking, you will learn how to be completely self sufficient and sustainable traveling on a bicycle as well as hearing some cool stories of my travels in Baja Mexico, Canada, and Bikepacking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route for 45 days from New Mexico criss crossing the Continental Divide on rough roads to Banff, Alberta, Canada.


I will be teaching this class at various locations around the Kansas City area over the next few weeks. Location and times will be announced on this site and on the Bikepacking Kansas City Facebook page.

Class is free but donations for my time are accepted via Venmo or cash. Suggested $25

Fell free to email or txt me at bill@poindexterrecruiting.com or (913) 220-1213

See the promo trailer here: https://vimeo.com/382428558

Get Zoom for Online classes!

Class is limited to ten people and Social Distancing will be responsibly in force. 

Photo by Sarah Burch

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bikepacking 101 talks

Ever wanna travel by bicycle? Too scared, not enough time, no money, work, family...more excuses than you can count? I understand.

I would be happy to share my adventures with you, and help you gain the experience to have your own adventure!


I have traveled in the US, MX, and Canada, I live 100% car-free, and have unique perspectives and stories that will may you smile and fuel your wanderlust.

So feel free to reach out and book me for a talk! (913)2201213 or bill@poindexterrecruiting.com

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Baja Bikepacking

Travels in Baja, Mexico...what they don't tell you in the Guide Books. Share

Mexico has a bad reputation in the eyes of most Americans. I can assure you, it is a false as the Mexican people are extraordinarily a beautiful people. On cycling holiday, I took a train from Kansas City, Missouri, to LA, then rode South from LA to San Diego, CA, meeting up with Carolina, a French national who had been traveling the world for five years promoting travel under your own steam. She was looking for a travel companion to help her get to Bahia de Los Angeles so she could connect with a Sail boat that she was going to be a crew member.

We crossed the border at Tijuana and cycled together for 12 days. The final day played out like a 1930s adventure movie: First, we rode from our desert campsite 40 miles into town. Once we arrived to Bahia de Los Angeles, the captain of the boat let Carolina know he was anchored 15 miles south of Mulege’ (a couple of hundred miles further south) and we would need to come to him. We needed to move quickly as it was December 30th and Carolina wanted to be there for New Years eve. With no other travel options we made the decision to hitch hike, in Mexico, to get to a town where we could catch a bus to Mulege, and then go 15 miles further south to Playa de Santispac on the Bahia de Concepcion.
One of the best things about bike touring and bike packing is that you must go with what ever life throws at you, adapt and make it work, after all, it is an adventure.

The first hitch was easy, a tour company taking some people on a ATV adventure gave us a lift in the back of a pickup and precariously loaded the bikes on the trailer. The next hitch was a poor farmer with two children and his father, no one spoke english. Then there was a very talkative man, who wanted us to stay at his hotel, which was not in our direction, and finally we, after being dropped off at a restaurant, where two baja divide riders where finishing up dinner, we were able to catch a last hitch with the sun tearing on the horizon we found ourselves strapping the bikes to the flat-bed  of a delivery truck, Carolina had to sit on my lap in the cramped cabin of the truck. Darkness greeted us on the final comical journey to Guerrero Negro, B.C.S., Mexico. After a three hour wait we then took a bus to Mulege'. 

And all seemed well and good, until the bus driver said we could not take the bikes. My French companion told him he could, and to his surprise she rearranged the luggage in the bottom of the bus wrestling in both bikes and gear. A nod of approval from the driver and a few hours later, he dropped us off in Mulege'. It was 130a. 

We were on the side of the highway 1 in Baja, MX, completely exhausted after a 40 mile bike ride, four hitch hikes, and one long bus ride and it was dark, no moon, and now faced with the fact we still had another 15 miles to go to our final destination, Playa de Stantispac on the bay of conception.

We had three choices as I saw it: try to find a hotel open, camp right there on the side of road, or just say WTF and ride at 2am, on a Mexican highway. We rode. I was the only one with proper lights, although we did have the Milky Way, twinkling above, but it made us feel very small in a universe magical way.

So much fun, and what an adventure, we finally rolled into the Playa at 430am, and realized it would just be best to throw down our sleeping bags on a patch of sand. We would sleep a couple of hours then Carolina would try to find her Captain, and I, well I would walk around to the other campers and find someone who would share a cup of coffee with me. I found three, but that is another story.