Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Bicycle Delivery Services

Hi Everyone!

We have had some requests from the Elderly for help getting groceries. So Aimee Hughes and I have created a grass-roots bike delivery service. We are going to keep it very simple and make it a service
to community as part of the The Bikepacking School.

What is the Bikepacking School?
The Bikepacking School is a multifaceted outdoor leadership and wilderness education school offering programs in: Bikepacking (Traveling by Bicycle), outdoor living skills, navigation, wilderness medicine, no trace ethics, bicycle maintenance, and disaster relief/ response including delivery services in times of pandemic.

Here are the basics:

Healthy Bike Delivery- good for you, environment and community:

Groceries, dry goods, restaurant/ bakery delivery.

Just email or text what you need and we will get details from you. We will go to store, masked and gloved, buy the items needed, and deliver them to your home. 

You can pay us by cash, check, or Venmo, and there will be a charge for services rendered. This is a donation based service: 20% of total bill ($20 minimum delivery fee), but if times are tough, we would be happy to do this service for the community for free. Remember we are doing this by bicycle.

We can delivery a wide variety of goods and large amounts with the use of trailers.

Who is this service for ?
Elderly, immune compromised, families, anyone not wanting to have to go into stores and risk being exposed to the virus.

Questions? Just reach out, please!

Wish list: Needed - Bike trailers and a small hard tail mountain bike or 52cm touring bike. 

Who we are?

Bill Poindexter is a local entrepreneur, he owns and manages Poindexter Recruiting, Yin Yoga KC, The Bikepacking School, and is a professional writer, master storyteller (verbally and visually) and adventure traveler teaching Outdoor Leadership Skills. Bill has lived car-free for over 10 years-walking and bicycling for travel and transportation and enjoys teaching others to do the same. Bill is also a Brand Ambassador of the Adventure Cycling Association. Bill has traveled extensively in the US, Canada, and Mexico. He has ridden his bike, self contained from LA, to MX and the length of Baja, as well as riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from New Mexico, North, to Banff, Alberta, Canada. Bike also has extensive experience Backpacking and Mountaineering in CA, and CO. Bill has First Aid and CPR training as well as being a CNA.

Bill & Aimee

Aimee Christine Hughes, N.D. has a passion for travel and life-long learning, holds a B.A. in French language and literature and has studied yoga and naturopathic medicine extensively. She has also studied french in Paris, flamenco dance in Seville and Italian in a tiny village outside of Rome. She has worked as a maid in the South of France, a bookseller in Hawaii and an actress in New Orleans. She's also published a vegan cookbook, and hundreds of articles for various magazines and websites. These days, she’s practicing yoga, working as freelance yoga and wellness writer, taking care of homes and pets in Kansas City's Brookside neighborhood, and living a car-free lifestyle, as a way of deeply respecting the health of the planet, as well as her own values and well-being. Aimee's here to inspire healthy, authentic living. 

Interested in supporting our cause and the Bikepacking School?

Donate/ pay via

Venmo using Bill's phone # (913)220-1213


  1. Bill, this is an awesome service you and Aimee are providing...!!

    Bob Deeg.

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