Sunday, March 29, 2020

Self Rescue and Bike Travel 101 Month of April

Self Rescue and Bike Travel 101
Online classes and private outside classes!

Have you ever wanted to travel by bicycle, but were unsure; what bike to take, the gear that you need, where to go and how to navigate, maybe what food to eat- store or foraging, how to purify water out of a stream, where and how to camp out, and then what if you were caught in a natural disaster or a pandemic and you needed to leave your home and find safe place to go, and what if you were injured and have to perform self rescue so you recognize the need for risk management.

Hi, my name is Bill Poindexter. I am a Bikepacker.

Whats a Bikepacker? Well think a Backpacker, but on a bicycle. I have both the experience of backpacking and bikepacking.

I have spent weeks backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains mountaineering, and the deserts of California traveling with only a map and compass, sleeping on the ground with only a tarp for shelter carrying all my food and gear on my back.

Since 2009 I have shifted to travel primarily by bicycle, living CarFree in a major city, I have learned everything there is to know about commuting on a bicycle traveling 4000-6000 miles a year commuting and traveling through all types of weather, landscapes, road conditions, through rush hour traffic in Mexico to the Grizzly Basin in Montana.

 I have traveled all over Missouri and Kansas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Baja Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and even up in to British Columbia and Alberta Canada. And I did it solo and with companions. I did it with multiple injuries and limited resources. I did it with no insurances.

Self Rescue and Bikepacking 101 is a general overview how to travel, anywhere by bicycle. I will simply tell you relevant stories of my expeditions whilst showing you the gear I use and the bike I ride. I will do more detailed classes in future as well as offering my services as a guide if you are wanting to go on overnight or longer expeditions.

Some of topic covered:

Bike selection
Gear selection
Water purification
No trace camping principles
Camp site selection and wilderness ethics
Risk management and self rescue techniques
First aid
and more...

Your instructor, Bill Poindexter

These topics will be covered as relevant to my personal experience. Resources will be handed out
to help guide you. As a Brand Ambassador to the Adventure Cycling Association and will be handing out Adventure Cyclist magazines, calendars, free six month memberships, and other swag while supplies last.

You will not only learn the basics of Bikepacking, you will learn how to be completely self sufficient and sustainable traveling on a bicycle as well as hearing some cool stories of my travels in Baja Mexico, Canada, and Bikepacking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route for 45 days from New Mexico criss crossing the Continental Divide on rough roads to Banff, Alberta, Canada.


I will be teaching this class at various locations around the Kansas City area over the next few weeks. Location and times will be announced on this site and on the Bikepacking Kansas City Facebook page.

Class is free but donations for my time are accepted via Venmo or cash. Suggested $25

Fell free to email or txt me at or (913) 220-1213

See the promo trailer here:

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Class is limited to ten people and Social Distancing will be responsibly in force. 

Photo by Sarah Burch

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