Wednesday, April 10, 2019


April 13th Bikepacking 101 and Gravel Riding strategy workshop

101: This class teaches the fundamentals of Bikepacking (think backpacking-then add a bike). Included are strategies for gravel riding.

“My husband and I got to attend "Bikepacking 101" last weekend. It was great! We are new to biking in general and didn't know much about bikepacking other than "it's like backpacking with a bike." I wanted to learn more but was hesitant because the concept was rather intimidating to me and seemed only for those who were hardcore cyclists. Bill is very personable and knowledgeable (and a great story teller!). We covered a lot of information and got to experience a lot (setting up a campsite, going through what was actually packed on a bike, even the kinds of meals you could eat when out on an expedition). I wasn't intimidated at all. His "helpers" for this session, Greg and Sam, were also great. All three definitely know what they are talking about and were quick to share their knowledge, tips, and sense of humor. The range of topics was incredible and applicable without being overwhelming. I look forward to continued associated with Bikepacking Kansas City and the Bikepacking School. Thank you!” SK

This will be a hands on class to teach you: proper bike selection, gear choice, navigation, nutritional needs, food prep, simple bike maintenance, water purification, where to camp and why, no trace principles, and much more. Each student will be given a Bikepacking course handbook at beginning of course.

 Class will simulate what it is like to travel by bicycle: We will set up a mock camp  talk about gear, Bill Poindexter will share real examples from his expeditions. Everyone will be encouraged to participate in experiential learning exercises. We will cover gear check list, logistics, route finding, nutritional needs, wilderness ethics, camp outdoor living skills, risk management, first aid, emergency bike maintenance, camp selection, group dynamic will be engaged-so we have good communication with each other for a positive experience.

Snacks will be provided. Class is 3 hours with break in the middle. Wear warm clothes, bring water for yourself, and good walking shoes as we will move to various locations, you will not need bike for this class.

This is for beginners as well as experienced bikepackers. Bring questions!

Hosted by Bill Poindexter, Founder
Bikepacking School
(913)220-1213 or

The Bikepacking School-Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Ed. is a newly created and ever evolving grassroots organization promoting a healthy world. Call or write Bill for more details and if you would like help or donate.

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