Thursday, April 4, 2019

Can you help?

Bikepacking School is a newly formed school to teach people of all ages how to travel responsibly by
Bicycle. Outdoor leadership and Wilderness Education is part of the curriculum teaching: Outdoor living skills, navigation, no trace ethics, first aid, risk management, expeditionary living, and yoga.

This is a grassroots organization which started with outdoor Yoga classes in winter to teach people they could be comfortable outside while learning something new. Now we are teaching Bikepacking fundamentals classes and soon overnight courses. Ultimately
we will be leading multi day bikepacking and advanced bikepacking courses similar to Outward Bound and NOLS type courses. We see this also evolving into training: First Responder Organizations, SAR, and International Aid workers e.g. Doctors Without Borders or Red Cross, in using the Bicycle and Bikepackers as tool for deployments.

We are seeking volunteers and support.
Wish list:
volunteers, free legal and marketing services, logo design, financial support, land use or land for the school, professional instructors, and leadership.

If interested in helping out, please reach out to Bill Poindexter​ at or call (913) 220 1213
for more info go to our simple website, which will always be evolving.

If you would like to host a fundraiser we are all ears!

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