Monday, April 15, 2019

What our Graduates are saying

The momentum is building...join us for the adventure of building the Bikepacking School!

Graduates of Bikepacking 101 and Gravel Travel class:

“My husband and I got to attend "Bikepacking 101" last weekend. It was great! We are new to biking in general and didn't know much about bikepacking other than "it's like backpacking with a bike." I wanted to learn more but was hesitant because the concept was rather intimidating to me and seemed only for those who were hardcore cyclists. Bill is very personable and knowledgeable (and a great story teller!). We covered a lot of information and got to experience a lot (setting up a campsite, going through what was actually packed on a bike, even the kinds of meals you could eat when out on an expedition). I wasn't intimidated at all. His "helpers" for this session, Greg and Sam, were also great. All three definitely know what they are talking about and were quick to share their knowledge, tips, and sense of humor. The range of topics was incredible and applicable without being overwhelming. I look forward to continued associated with Bikepacking Kansas City. Thank you!” SK

"Went in to this class only knowing about bikepacking from a few YouTube videos
Didn't know anything else.
Bill was very cool dude & had a lot of info from personal experiences, helped me see & learn about some of the thing I never thought about, like water purification, food & what brands to look at for bike bags.   Was very cool to see someone like bill spreading his knowledge &  Getting a scene like this  started here in Kansas. Was really fun & learned alot
I hope the scene grows here.   Totally check Bill & his Bikepacking school out. It's worth it!!"  Nate

“Hello. It was a real treat to share in your experience in bike-packing. To have that glimpse at the peace of combining two things, cycling and camping, I am so passionate about.” Chris

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