Tuesday, April 6, 2021

2021 updates!

 Hello everyone! And thanks for stopping by the Bikepacking School. The school is ever evolving teaching people to travel by bicycle. Whether you  are your touring by bike bicycle, bikepacking, commuting by bike, you are  at the right place. 

I’ve been traveling my bicycle for the last 20 years and throughout most of my life. I’ve logged over 80,000 miles on my bicycle bike touring bikepacking and commuting by bike. It is my preferred mode of transportation besides walking.

I love teaching bikepacking it is a huge passion mine.

Last year I wrote  the book  

Bikepacking School which you can find on Amazon, sales have gone through the roof- but it is a very rough simple guide that gives you all the information that I wanted when I first wanted to learn about bikepacking and

traveling by bicycle. Again it’s very very simple and kind of eclectic book you’re going to put in your back pocket or maybe your panniers  or your bike bags while you’re on the road and you want to read it over and over again because it has lots of cool little stories some poetry, some journal entries and then some basic how to information links on where you can get the information you need to be a successful traveler on your bike.

There are more books coming and I’ve been telling lots of stories. If you would like me to come speak about my travels or teach bikepacking class, please let me know!

Connect with us with me on my Facebook page. You can also call or text at 913-220-1213. And you can even email me at bill@poindexterrecruiting.com.

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