Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Bikepacking School a new book you should get!

Hi, just published this Guide for you all! Let me know what you think!

From Book 1: From the preface: I brought all this information together, in a very simple way, so you, the person who wants to travel by bike, can! So go for a long or short ride and experience the Earth and its inhabitants. In 2000, I was a very different person, I was very focused on material possessions, money, work, and although I was passionate about the Earth and nature I had let my false need for respect from others to creep its way into my life; I gained weight and became dangerously unhealthy. I came across an Adventure Cyclists Magazine in a bookstore, which made me pine for travel and to be healthy. I admired people I saw walking and bicycling for transportation. I started to walk and bicycle for transportation, eventually becoming completely car-free. I downsized my lifestyle. I lost over 240 pounds over a period of 12 years, and eventually started to travel by bike. Now I teach how to travel by bike. I write these words to inspire, and I share the other peoples –words, art, links, and info so you can responsibly learn the basics of bike travel. Let me know how you like this book and send me your thoughts. Bill Poindexter, May 3rd, 2020. Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 

Bill Poindexter lives in Kanas City, Missouri. Bill has a very evolved lifestyle and lives car-free. His last three expeditions took him down the the length of Baja, Mexico, Through the wilds of Montana, British Columbia, and Alberta, and most recently traveled from New Mexico north to Banff, Alberta, Canada on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, a 3000+ mile route which parallels 
the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide in North America on primarily gravel roads. Bill is a freelance journalist, businessman, yoga instructor, coach, videographer, outdoor educator, environmentalist, master story teller, naturalist, and lives simply. You can connect with Bill Poindexter on FaceBook and see where he is currently traveling or follow his new blog at wholeearthguide.blogspot.com. 

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